Scientific Instrumentation and Applied Research

HK Physics, LLC combines expertise in physics, engineering, computing, and project management, creating innovative technical solutions for industry and academic and governmental institutions worldwide. We can provide a range of products for test and measurement, optical systems, precision timing, data acquisition, and radiation physics and will work with customers to deliver systems tailored specifically to meet their requirements. Contact us to learn how our technical expertise can help you achieve your goals.

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New Product Releases

We are happy to announce the release of our new fast optical sources and associated lab instruments. Please see our products page. Don't hesitate to contact us at for further information or to obtain a price quotation.


Have a look at our existing line of high-speed, high-brightness LED modules. These cost-effective units produce pulses with rise and fall times less than 20 ns and radiant fluxes of several watts. We also produce fast photodiode detectors. Are you looking for something else? HK Physics can respond to your requirements for custom optical systems.

Data Acquisition

Smart sensor networks involving thousands of nodes distributed over large areas are now commercially viable due to advances in telecommunications. Precision timing using GPS for geographically scattered networks or sub-nanosecond timing on smaller networks is often a critical requirement. Be it a small-scale data logging application or a large scale, high-speed sensor network with high-volume near real time processing, HK Physics can help you collect and process your data.

Radiation Physics

From designing X-ray and charged particle detection systems to modelling complex radiation environments at ground-level, in the atmosphere, or in space, HK Physics has the experience with detectors and high-speed readout electronics and Monte Carlo software simulation tools needed. We can design a high-fidelity virtual system for your application and short-cut expensive and time-consuming prototyping cycles.